Scaling Up and Staying Ahead: Our Transition to a Cloud-Based Hosting Platform

Our client base has been growing and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

We are honoured that so many businesses have placed their trust in us to host their websites, emails, and important data.

But with this growth, we realised that our current server has reached its limit to support our growth. So, we’re taking things to the next level and upgrading to a new and cutting-edge platform.

We’re moving to a cloud-based server platform!

Why move to a Cloud Server?

We understand that some technical terms like “server” and “cloud-based” can be confusing, so let me explain in layman’s terms for you the reason that we are proposing to move your account to a cloud server.

Currently, we are using a traditional dedicated server to host your website or application.

This server is like a computer that stores and manages your data and makes sure your website or application is accessible to your users.

However, as our clients business has grown, we noticed that this traditional server has some limitations that are affecting website or application performance and availability.

Limitations of the Traditional Server:

  • Single server: Our client’s website or application is hosted on a single server, which means that if that server experiences any issues, it may cause their website or application to go down.
  • Slow loading speed: As more people visit our client’s website, the traditional server may struggle to keep up, causing slow loading times for their visitors.
  • Scalability: With traditional servers, it may be difficult to add more resources as our client’s business grows, making it hard to scale to accommodate increasing traffic and demands.

Powering Up: How Our Platform is Set Up for Optimal Website Performance

We were on a mission to find a new platform that could handle the increasing demands of our clients and we found it.

Our new platform uses a cloud-based approach and has some features that even some large-scale hosting companies don’t offer.

Tech wizards, this section is for you, but if you’re feeling like a mere mortal, don’t stress it.

Google-based DNS

Google-based DNS service ensures that your website is accessible with quick and stable response times, regardless of traffic, by translating domain names into IP addresses. This benefits the client as it makes sure that their website is easily reachable by their visitors.

Load balancing that glue multiple servers to work together

Load balancing service evenly distributes traffic across multiple servers to ensure that your website remains online and fast even when one of the servers is under heavy load. This benefits the client as it improves the performance and availability of their website.

With this server platform configuration, your website could easily achieve 99.99% uptime, which is less than 8 seconds per day on average.

Auto-scaling for superior performance

Autoscaling technology ensures that your website’s resources, such as bandwidth, memory, and processing power, can scale automatically based on the traffic demand. This benefits the client as it ensures that their website can handle any amount of traffic without affecting the performance, providing a fast experience for every user.

Having powerful processors, using Intel Xeon Scalable 12-core processors with hyper-threading, and large amounts of memory, having 64GB of RAM, can handle a high-performance website. This benefits the client as it makes sure that their website is always running smoothly and can handle heavy traffic.

Free Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With our global network of servers located across 20 data centres worldwide, we are able to ensure that your website’s content is stored and delivered quickly and efficiently to visitors, no matter where they are located. This leads to faster website load times and an improved user experience for your visitors, which can help to increase customer retention.

All of our clients benefit from this service at no extra cost, as it is included as a standard feature in all our hosting plans.

100% Enterprise Level SSD storage

Using SSD storage ensures that the website’s data is stored efficiently, which in turn makes your website perform better. This benefits the client as it provides a faster and smoother experience for their website visitors.

Off site cloud backup storage

Security measures such as resilient storage and offsite backups help to protect your website’s data, in case of any disaster. This benefits the client as it ensures that their data is safe and secure, and can be recovered in case of data loss.

More Storage, Same Price: Emails and Documents Separately Counted

More Space for Emails

We’ve made email storage even better by giving each email account its own storage plan, with options for 5GB or 10GB. Plus, this won’t count towards your website storage plan. We also increased the email IMAP bandwidth limit to be unlimited, so you can send and receive emails without any worries.

More Backup Space

In the past, if you needed to backup your website, it would take up storage space. But now we’re storing all backups in our own cloud storage, with 30 days of storage for unlimited copies, so you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space.

More Website Space

In addition to more space for emails, we’ve also increased the website storage space, along with a 2x increase in bandwidth limit. This means you can have more website content, and your visitors can access it faster without worrying about reaching a transfer quota.

Better Security & Stability

The same network as the web giants

Get the same network strength as the web giants – Our CDN uses the same internet exchange points used by the likes of AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, ensuring your business or project receives enterprise-level connectivity.

Proactive Network Protections

Having a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is like having a security guard for your website. It blocks any suspicious activity, keeping your data and software safe from potential breaches. Traditional firewalls can’t always protect against web form attacks, which can lead to costly breaches. Our WAF provides that extra layer of security, protecting your website from unwanted visitors.

Not only do we have a firewall, but we also have network defences that block likely attackers before an attack even starts. We monitor IP addresses and networks for suspicious activity and redirect them to different web servers or block them entirely at the network edge for added security.

Isolated server roles

Servers on our autoscaling platform only serve their designated function, such as websites, MySQL, or email. This means better control and maintenance of each service, ensuring the uptime of your website. Your email will always be available and extremely stable.

It also means that at least 4 servers are serving your needs at the same time, whereas we currently only use one server to do the same thing. This is equivalent to having 4x the resources managing your website and email service.

Advanced Email Protection for Your Inbox

Keeping your inbox safe from viruses and spam is important, that’s why WebHero uses the latest email security technology to protect you and your recipients. All emails sent and received through our servers are subject to advanced antivirus and anti-spam protection. This includes:

Network-level Protection: Block Before it even Reaches You

We use commercial anti-spam blacklists from reputable companies such as Spamhaus, Invaluement, and Barracuda Networks to reject mail from known spam networks. This ensures that unwanted emails are blocked before they even reach your inbox.

Virus Scanning: Keeping Malware at Bay

Any known malware signatures are detected and rejected by our system to ensure your emails are free from viruses.

On traditional hosting, this level of protection can be too much for servers to handle. But on our cloud platform, we can run these scans without a problem, ensuring your emails are safe and virus-free.

Content-based Filtering: Spam-free Inbox Guaranteed

Our system scans all messages for spam-like characteristics and filters them into the ‘junk mail’ folder. But the best part is, you can fully customise these filters via the webmail control panel. Allow-list certain senders, domains, and TLDs to bypass the filter entirely, or create your own deny lists.

Cloud Server Platform Limitations

Alright, we want to be transparent with the downside of this switch to cloud server platform. Surely it can’t come with all the good things and zero downside for this.

A Potential Slight Delay in Connection

Since the server isn’t located in Kuala Lumpur any more, the connection will typically suffer some delays around 0.2s to 0.5s on average that comes with using a cloud-based server.

However, it will hardly be noticeable to some. This delay is offset by faster server response times and better hardware which will provide an overall better performance for your website.

Also, using a cloud-based server that has servers located around the globe, could potentially result in faster load times for your visitors, especially those from Europe or US due to our CDN connection.

This results in a small sacrifice of the network, but in return gaining a huge advantage over the audience globally.

Cost remain the same for our long time customers

On the other hand, it is worth noting that this upgrade is more expensive for WebHero to maintain and operate, but we want to assure that there will be no increase in cost for our long-time customers.

We believe that the benefits of the cloud-based servers outweigh the potential downsides and we are confident that you will see the improvements in your website’s performance and availability.

Compliance with Malaysia Data Laws

Our cloud-based servers are built to the highest security standards, like PCI compliance. However, it’s worth noting that for certain industries or companies that may be required by laws to store certain types of sensitive information, like credit card details and ewallet user data, locally in Malaysia.

If this is the case for you, our servers may not be the best fit. But don’t worry, this is not something that most of our clients need to worry about as they typically don’t store this kind of sensitive data on our servers. We just want to make sure everyone knows and make informed decisions.

The Migration Process

To ensure a smooth transition, we will move our client accounts one at a time and will notify you beforehand. There should be no downtime during the migration, but it will require you to change your email password as we transfer your account to a cloud platform with more email storage. 

All of our clients who signed up after January 1, 2023 are now on our new cloud server platform, which has faster server hardware, while our existing clients will have to wait.

Here is an estimated timeline for all of our current clients:

  • 1 – 10 Jan 2023: Move our nameserver to Google Cloud Nameserver.
  • 11 Jan 2023 to 10 April 2023: Moving accounts one at a time to our cloud server.
  • 20 April 2023: Discontinue our dedicated server backup system as well as the powerful dedicated server we are currently using to handle email and website traffic.

We’ll keep traditional servers, but on a much smaller scale than we do now. This is for clients who require a server in Malaysia but do not wish to migrate to a cloud-based platform for various reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay more for this improved server platform?

No, you will continue to pay the same price for our current server. There is no additional charge or cost to our client for using a better platform.

It is our investment to ensure that we continue to provide better service and remain relevant and competitive in the industry. We don’t want to wait until the market offers something better and we start losing you as our valued customers.

Is there any other hidden fee or higher renewal in the coming year?

There is no plan to increase our hosting price, though the cost has increased to nearly 3x since 2018. So you can enjoy having the same old pricing but a better service.

What do I need to do to participate? Is it necessary for me to migrate on my own?

There is no preparation needed, as the process is managed by our team. Should you have any more questions or concerns, do drop us an email. We will get back to you soonest.

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