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Managed Email Hosting Service

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As a busy business owner, you may not have time to maintain a server and learn and the ins and outs of email and security issues.

All you want to do is JUST use the email service.

We got you covered for setting up your private business email, protect you from spam, and even walk you through how to receive email using your smart phone.

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Using a free Gmail or Yahoo email account can make people judge you from your email alone.

When you get a, it gives you an instant credibility boost because you’re telling people that you’re serious about running the business.

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Prevent Employees Sabotage & Lock Out

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When you’re still stuck with a free email account, there isn’t any way to get your email account back when an employee decides to delete that email account.

Let us manage your email and you will not get locked out because of a sabotage.

You can even get a copy of every email forwarded to your email account.

Unlimited Email Account For All Your Employees

We don’t charge for every email account you have. We just let you create as much email as you want.

As long as the space allocated is still available, you don’t have to pay us a single cent for having 100s of email accounts with us.

It is easy to create a new account, too. New employee joined your company and need a new mail box, get it done in just 1 minute. Just drop us an email if you have any trouble doing it on your own, we will get it done as soon as we can.

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Not Sure If This Email Hosting Service Is Suitable For Your Business?

Contact Us To Learn More About Our Email Hosting Service And How It Can Help You To Manage Your Email Effectively. We’d Love To Meet You And Show You The Solution.

More Smart Features

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Sync Across Devices

Using SMTP Technology, your email is synced across all your devices.

Web Based Email Client

Check your email using any web browser. No download required.

99.9% Uptime

Reliable server that works all the time. Hassle free for all users.

SSL Security

Prevent hackers from stealing email you send by using SSL encryption technology.

Daily Backup

Never lose your email even if you get sabotaged. We can restore the server up to 7 days.

Ready To Scale Up

Pay for only what you use. Costs you a fraction compared to using your own server.

Still not convinced? Contact our sales representative. Lets see what we can do to help you.

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