Helping Consultants To Get Quality Consulting Clients

WebHero helps to clarify your message so you can attract better clients, charge higher fees, and work shorter hours without worry about paying the bills

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Helping Consultants To Get Quality Consulting Clients

We know consulting-based businesses inside out because we run one too.

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Clients Are Hard To Get

Consultants tend to be very good at what they do, but bad at explaining it. When the pitch is confusing, prospects will simply hold back and not sign up for the service.

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Delivering Consultancy Services Is Hard

Most consultants serve a wide range of clients, and every client requires a custom solution. This can be draining every day, and stressful too.

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Hitting A Revenue Ceiling

A non-specialised marketing agency that delivers a standardised media buying plan just won’t help the business. Meanwhile, word of mouth isn’t a predictable way to get clients. Most consultants are stuck!

Helping You Consistently Attract New Clients Through Effective Marketing Campaigns

If you’re running your ads to offer a ‘FREE’ consultation call, or hoping people sign up for your consultation service directly, then you’re leaving too much money on the table. Consultation clients typically required a longer sales process to convert to a paying client. You need a different type of marketing funnel to close the deal, as well as a professional who has run this type of campaign before.

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Break Through Your Revenue Ceiling Without Working Overtime Every Day

Consultants are constantly overworked because their job is complex and they rarely get help from other team members.

All you need is to systematise your work so that you can hire a team to replace yourself on repetitive jobs.

Digital Marketing Service For Serious Consultants Only

Our marketing plan isn’t for everyone. Our expertise lies in helping consultants scale up their business, but we can’t help to validate business ideas if you’re just starting out.

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Ready To Scale Up Your Consulting Business?

Frequently Asked Questions for Consultant’s Marketing Service

I have tried to use digital marketing to get clients in the past, but it didn’t work. How is yours different compared to what I have already tried?

You probably used a self-centred method to market yourself. For example, you’re telling people you’re a financial consultant or a business coach. Very likely, your audience won’t understand what you’re trying to say. WebHero comes in as an agency not only working on your media buying, but also helping to find out how to market your service in a way that your audience can understand. Thus, you get a better client and better pay, simply because they know you will deliver what they want.

Can you get me results in 2 weeks? Do you guarantee me any sales?

Consultants sell a solution that takes weeks for a prospect to make a decision on. It depends on how long your sales cycle is.

We have a complete roadmap we can share with you to allow you to see how we will get there. Just request a proposal and let’s talk further and see if we are the right fit for each other.