Insurance Marketing Agency In Malaysia

An effective inbound marketing campaign for insurance agents that attracts leads to fill your appointment schedule all day long.

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Problems With
Thinking About Achieving MDRT Goal

MDRT insurance agents do 1 thing different compared to other agents. They have a way to generate consistent leads and get appointments.


Traditional Methods

  • People try to get away from you because they feel that you’re trying to sell them some shady plan
  • Not able to reach the cold market effectively
  • Prospects are rejecting your proposals
  • Time-consuming to get each lead, not scalable. You aren’t spending time selling your policy
  • Relies on word of mouth and referrals, you have no idea when your next sale is coming.

Modern Approach

  • Attract people who are ready to talk to you. Position yourself as the person helping them.
  • Higher closing rates, shorter sales cycle, easier to hit your sales target
  • Spending minimum time on generating leads, giving you more time to do the selling.
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Attract People That Need Your Financial Services & Plan

Randomly approaching people at a bank or s hopping mall makes selling very hard. This is because there is always a friend around them who sells insurance. Worst case, most insurance companies offer similar policies and benefits.

WebHero has an approach that sets you apart from other agents selling a similar plan, and attracts them at the right time.

Fill Your Appointments Without Cold Calling & Begging People

Most insurance agents (especially new ones) have exhausted their network, and are still far away from sales targets. Cold calling can be very time consuming and you won’t have enough time to do the selling.

A modern approach to marketing your service allows you to turn the situation around: where you focus on selling and closing sales instead of working on generating the leads.

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Would Like To Discover If WebHero Is The Right Partner For Your Insurance Agency?

Let’s discuss how we can help you to get appointments and attract people that want to buy from you.

Frequently Asked Questions
For Insurance Marketing Services

I tried to post a lot on social media. But I don’t generate many appointments from there. Why will your service work?

Most insurance agents post photos and updates on social media showing how good their plan is, how much they made last month, what the new policies available are, etc,all in the name of ‘sharing’.

This approach is very self-centric because you only talk about yourself, it has nothing to do with your potential prospect. Our approach is the other way around, we focus on your potential prospects, and craft an irresistible offer to attract them. That is the difference.

My team leader isn’t buying the idea of using digital media to generate leads. My team only wants to use traditional media.

In this case, we might be the right fit.

Our service is designed to help a team of insurance agents, not just 1 person. We have noticed that the number of leads we are able to generate isn’t something 1 agent can handle. You need team support to make it happen.