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Lack Of Customers

Many restaurants believe that as long as they serve delicious food, customers will come. In the 21st century, that’s no longer true, especially in the case of new restaurants.

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Relying On Word Of Mouth

A chicken-and-egg situation where you need consumers to dine in and bring their friends to your business. However, when you start out with a tiny number of clients, it’s difficult to attract new customers.

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Delivery Service Costs Too Much

Counting on delivery platforms to help you make more money? In the end, you realise that the 30% cut and other promotional expenses are far too high to make a profit.

Too Busy Running The Restaurant

Too Busy Running The Restaurant

The food business takes a lot of time and effort, and many owners are the top chefs of the team, so they tend to be stuck running the business. Owners often will overlook marketing and hope that customers will come anyway.

Roller Coaster Revenue

Roller Coaster Revenue

Most restaurants simply hope and pray that customers will come and order their food. There is no strategy for returning customers or even adoring fans of their restaurant. This leads to days when the restaurant is completely full, and days when with only a few orders.

No Budget Allocation For Growth

No Budget Allocation For Growth

Marketing is a cost that business owners often eliminate. But it’s exactly what the firm needs to encourage new clients to come in and order online. Otherwise, the business suffers poor sales, cuts marketing costs, and is stuck in a vicious cycle over and over.

Helping You Consistently Attract New Customers Through Effective Marketing Campaigns

Helping You Consistently Attract New Customers Through Effective Marketing Campaigns

Wouldn’t it be great to get more customers through your restaurant doors or even ordering online? We help our clients do this by setting up proper marketing systems that bring in customers all day long.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Restaurant Marketing Service

I’m just running a single location restaurant. Should I invest in marketing?

You should definitely invest in marketing! All of those large restaurant chains began as a single location. This is how you keep bringing in new customers.

I don’t have the budget to launch a big branding campaign.

You don’t need a large marketing or branding budget to get started, unlike those mega restaurant chains. You only need a budget to get your first 100 customers to order from you within the next 90 days. Then, reinvest what you’ve earned from the orders into marketing to help your business grow.

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