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Digital Marketing Scams: 9 Ways To Burn Your Marketing Budget

“I hired a digital agency to do some marketing online, but it didn’t work.” We get this story a lot, and by probing deeper into what the previous agency did for them, we usually find one of the stories below. This is a highly controversial topic, one that digital marketers don’t want to talk about.…


[Case Study] How I Help To Enroll 114 students in 30 Days

I talk to a lot of small & medium business owners over the phone.  Many have the same 3 misconceptions “I need more exposure for my business” “I need a strong brand name to get more customers” “I need a website, it will generate a lot of business for me” This may be right in…


See How Other Businesses Use Their Website

“I don’t think my business needs a website at this moment, and anyway, it’s too expensive for my business.” “What do I do with my business website?” We get asked these questions a lot before people engage us for website design services. So we’ve put together an article to show you how others are using…


How to Generate Life Insurance Leads Without Cold Calling

“I just need one more deal to hit my quarterly bonus.” This is what my friend told me, he is a full time insurance agent. I’m sure this is something a sales person – especially life insurance agents – can relate to. You’re chasing sales targets, appointments, a payout bonus every day. Most agents will…


On Page SEO in 2016: A (2M+ Keyword) Data Driven Analysis

Google is changing their algorithm everyday! There are tons of articles saying on page SEO is dead, or is it? Google is way smarter than just relying on your title, H1, meta description, content etc to rank your page. We came across an interesting on page SEO research by AHREFS the other day. The study analysed 2 millions+ results…


5 Little Known Strategies to Use Retargeting The Right Way

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) has been like a buzz phrase within the internet marketing community throughout recent years. Some ad companies like AdRoll and Perfect Audience are promoting the idea that if you use their service they can help by bringing visitors who left your website back again. Look… I like the idea…