110+ Inquiries for a New Language Center Before Opening

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Inquiries about enrolling in the
class before the center is ready

people reach in 90 days

converted into paying customers
The Problem:

It is a Brand-new Language Center

A new language center has just rented a place and needs to start recruiting students, but the renovation of the facility will take 2 months to complete. The center does not have a licence yet, and the signage is not up.
Class Need to Fill up Fast to Ensure Profitability
110+ Inquiries for a New Language Center Before Opening 1
The Solution:

Make an Irresistible Offer to get People to Sign up

Develop a Marketing Engine that Continue to Bring in Students
To attract students to the new language center, social media and conversational marketing were used. Contact information was provided and potential students were encouraged to sign up for updates.

A sales script was also used to help convert more inquiries into paying customers, and retargeting and other techniques were implemented to encourage sign-ups. As a result, over 110 inquiries were received and 20+ of them were converted into paying customers before the center opened.

110+ Inquiries for a New Language Center Before Opening 2
the result

Inquiries and Sign-ups are Pouring in before the center even opens

We received over 110 inquiries from potential students while the renovation was ongoing and converted 20+ of those inquiries into paying customers.

The language center is now fully operational and has a strong base of students to start with.

Get Consistent Inquiries & Overbooking for Weekends