WebHero is DIFFERENT in many ways

Here are some of the differences that make other businesses choose to work with us

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 1
How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 2

Transparent NO HIDDEN CHARGES on all our services

When you work with WebHero, our team will aim to include all costs in the final figure,and disclose as many costs as possible. The final figure may look a little higher than other companies, but you can rest assured that everything you need has been included. Sending you an extra invoice to pay more for our services is the last thing we want to do.

You work with a customer success representative, NOT technical support staff that speak jargon you don’t understand

It can be a very frustrating and confusing process when you’re working with good technical personnel. The outcome can be very different from what you’re expecting because you don’t speak their jargon! We see communication as a vital factor to make a project successful, so we have specific people to help translate your instructions into appropriate technical jargon.

Working with WebHero

I understand that you attract customers via Google. Here is what our team do on your site…

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 3

Working with other companies

This specific page has a noindex robot txt. We need you to remove the robot txt blocking to allow Google to index.

Please provide us with the title tag text.

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 4

We go through a STRUCTURED PROCESS together to deliver the expected results

Working with WebHero

Stage 1: Copywriting
Stage 2: Designing
Stage 3: Development
Stage 4: Bug fix and testing

Result as expected

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 5

Working with other companies


Sub-par result that isn’t satisfactory

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 6

Goal-oriented & ROI focused team to serve our clients

Digital marketing is a different channel compared to traditional media. The traditional mindset about advertising may not work very well in digital media.

Running awareness and branding campaigns alone isn’t going to bring note-worthy results for SMEs. WebHero is here to help business owners make the right decision when it comes to planning for marketing.

Working with WebHero

Let’s set up this conversion campaign to get you qualified inquiries.

Let’s put the branding campaign you’re running aside until you have a proper marketing funnel.

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 7

Working with other companies

You need to spend more on advertising to start getting customers.

Let’s start with a branding marketing campaign to reach more people.

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 8

WebHero LEADS the project, not waiting for instructions telling us what to do

Most agencies are very good at the work they do, but allowing the client to lead a project that they don’t understand tends to end in disaster.

So at WebHero, we turn this around by understanding your goals and showing you the roadmap on how to achieve these, instead of asking you to lead us.

Working with WebHero

Here is what you should do…

The keywords you can target are…

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 9

Working with other companies

Please tell me the keywords you want to target.

Kindly provide us with your selling point in writing.

How WebHero is Different in Many Ways 10